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Your First Coaching Call

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What can you expect from your first one-on-one sales coaching call?

Salespeople often ask us, “What happens on my first coaching call?” If you’ve never worked with a sales coach before, it’s hard to know what to expect. If you’ve had experience with other programs, you might not expect much at all!

Actually, your first sales coaching call will put you on the path to results right away. We carefully design your coaching plan to meet your individual long-term goals—and short-term needs. On your first call with your primary Skillway sales coach, you’ll accomplish these three things:

  1. Laying The Foundation
  2. Creating Your Big Hits
  3. Selecting First Topics

This approach is engineered to maximize your benefits in the first months of coaching. We’ll target the topics that will have the most impact on your sales business—so you’ll be able to reap the rewards from a coaching plan right away.

Laying The Foundation

The primary goal of your initial coaching call is to lay the foundation. We’ll discuss your feelings about sales coaching, and explore what it means to be “coachable.” Your attitude and approach to sales coaching is the key to getting results, so this part is critical!

We also discuss the methodology of adult learning. It’s important to understand what you’re signing up for, and how it works! The process of learning new skills through an ongoing coaching program is fundamentally different than just “taking a class,” so your coach will explain how to get the most out of your customized program.

Creating Your Big Hits

Look into the future—one year from today. Can you name some milestones or accomplishments that would indicate that sales coaching was a “win” for you?

These are your “Big Hits!” We’ll identify three to five hits—the successful outcomes you want to see from coaching. Your big hits are unique to you, but here are a few examples:

  • Grow annual revenue to $25m
  • Have dinner with my family 4 nights a week
  • Add 10-12 new referral partners

We’ll reverse-engineer each “hit” to tangible goals, and a strategy to reach them. For example, if you want to grow your revenue, we’ll examine your previous year, determine what levels of growth you can accomplish, calculate the goals you’ll need to meet throughout the year, and design a plan to keep you on target.

Your coaching program will be designed to keep you moving forward to accomplish these goals. Your coach prioritizes topics based on your needs and keeps track of your “big hits” as you progress. 

Selecting First Topics

With experience drawn from coaching and consulting thousands of salespeople, Skillway has developed a deep library of coaching topics. These topics, based on Skillway’s 3E Method, contain hundreds of proven techniques that can unlock a salesperson’s potential.

Your first topics may cover closing methods, time management, prospecting strategies, or delegation skills. It all depends on your unique goals, and the strategy you develop with your Skillway coach. Your coach will prioritize the topics that will deliver real results—fast.

Of course, education is only one component of your customized coaching plan. A call with your Skillway sales coach is more than just a lesson about a specific topic! Your coach’s job is to see the big picture, and help you stay accountable—so you can CRUSH your sales goals.

It’s Only The Beginning

The ideal sales coaching program delivers real results—and continuous improvement. Skillway sales coaches have the tools and expertise to be able to adapt as your goals change and new opportunities arise. You can even contact your Skillway coach between sessions—to ask questions, change priorities, get advice, or celebrate a big win. 

Skillway sales coaching is the exact opposite of a “one size fits all” approach—so your first call will be as unique as you are. Are you ready to CRUSH your sales goals and love what you do?

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