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Do Sales Scripts Work?

Top sales performers always use sales scripts. Here’s why.

Can you imagine a top-paid, award-winning movie actor showing up on the set of a multi-million dollar action film and refusing to use a script?

No matter how great that actor was, he’d be kicked off the job the same day! Hollywood blockbusters are far too complex and expensive for “winging it.”

As sales professionals, our jobs are often complex, and there’s always money on the line. But many salespeople are winging it without a script—and say they’ll never use one!

The thing is, sales scripts work. If your sales business is stuck on a plateau, a sales script could be all it takes to get you to the next level.

Why Do Salespeople Resist Scripts?

Sales scripts and talk tracks often face significant resistance from salespeople when it comes to buy-in and implementation. People assume a sales script will feel “unnatural,” repetitive, or limiting.

This leads to these common objections to sales scripts:

“That’s not how I talk.”

“If I always said the same thing, I’d get bored.”

“Following a script just isn’t my sales style.”

The problem, of course, is that you can’t build a successful sales career by winging it all the time!

When carefully designed, sales talk tracks aren’t limiting—they’re actually empowering. They enable sales professionals to avoid mistakes, unlock potential, and sell more effectively. Sales scripts allow you to focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t work.

The truth? No matter what they sell, the top sales producers in every industry are using scripts. 

If your goal is to be a top producer, it’s time to incorporate scripts into your sales process.

The idea of scripting everything you say might seem restrictive, but the power of sales scripts comes from how they can be tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s look at a few situations where you’ll always want to be on script.

Voicemail Scripts

A salesperson should always have a scripted framework for leaving voicemail messages. Voicemail messages are most effective when they’re 30 seconds or less—any longer, and people stop listening.

Having a script for each voicemail you might leave during your sales process (first contact, second contact, etc.) allows you to hone your message to have the exact information it needs while staying within a time limit.

After you memorize your scripts, you’ll have a solid framework that only requires a few details to be changed, like the client’s name or the date.

You’ll be efficient, precise, and less likely to leave out important details. The result? You’re more confident, and your communication is more effective. The practice and repetition actually improve your ability to change details on the fly without sounding like you’re winging it.

Describing Your Company

Another area where you should always use a script is when you’re introducing your company and the products or services you offer. 

When you meet someone new, you tell them what you do. It’s a natural part of virtually every conversation. But many salespeople go off the cuff for that elevator pitch. If you don’t have a script for this moment, you’re relying on whatever comes into your head—which can be drastically different depending on what you can remember, your mood, or what you had for breakfast!

With potential sales on the line, the introduction of your business is far too important to improvise.

Develop a script that briefly describes your company and the key service you offer. You want a few quick, easy-to-understand sentences that can grab the listener’s attention and lead to more conversation. 

Don’t just recite copy from your marketing materials! You’ll need to convert “marketing-speak” into actual human-speak—something you’d really say to another person. This introductory script is your go-to in all sorts of situations, so keep a broad audience in mind. Avoid jargon or overly technical descriptions. If you sell a complicated, technical product, you’ll need to figure out how to briefly describe it in a way that anyone outside your industry can understand.

When you’ve fine-tuned and memorized your script, you’ll never have to “wing it” when someone asks, “So, what do you do?”

The Fully-Scripted Sales Cycle

The most effective salespeople have sales scripts or talk tracks written for every step in the sales cycle they use. 

From the initial conversation, to needs analysis, to the sales presentation, to asking for the business, a well-prepared sales script will keep you on track throughout the sales process.

Some areas require multiple scripts that may or may not be used, such as overcoming common objections or approaches to closing.

If you develop these scripts with your entire sales team, you can incorporate tactics from top producers and identify common obstacles. Having a standardized script based on proven techniques can boost the performance of less-experienced salespeople and help make your sales team more consistent.

It can be a lot of work to script your entire sales process, but it’s always worth it! Once you’ve established the framework, you’re never at a loss for how to respond to a client. You can be certain important details won’t be left out, and the confidence you’ll get from your sales scripts not only reduces stress—it makes you more effective.

Hone Your Sales Script With Skillway

A comprehensive sales script is crucial to moving past plateaus and hitting higher revenue goals. Skillway consultants develop training plans and sales strategies for businesses across the country, and finely-tuned sales scripts are an important component of our approach. We shadow top producers to discover what works and combine it with decades of real-world sales experience to develop custom-designed scripts for sales operations.

Skillway’s sales coaches work with individual salespeople to hone their sales scripts and be prepared for new opportunities. We help salespeople CRUSH their sales goals and love what they do!

If you’re a salesperson, sales manager, or business owner looking for solutions with real results, contact us today.

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