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How Is Sales Coaching Structured?

One-on-one sales coaching can be as flexible or as structured as you need it to be.

“How is your coaching program structured?”

It’s a common question we get from new sales coaching clients, and many are surprised to hear the answer: It depends!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for sales coaching. (Just like there is no one-size-fits-all approach for time management, prospecting, closing business, or sales leadership).

That’s why we individually customize every coaching plan for every client—no exceptions! We draw from our deep library of coaching topics, representing the best of the best techniques and strategies for sales, time management, motivation, and leadership. But which topics are covered—and how they’re presented—is tailored to each individual by their coach.

Salespeople typically fall into two categories when it comes to sales coaching. They need either:

  1. A structured, skill-focused program that methodically progresses through topics towards a goal, with most of the session time devoted to education, or
  2. A flexible program that uses teaching topics as needed but devotes most of the session time to discussion, reflection, and analysis of ongoing business strategy.

Which approach sounds best for you? Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. The Structured Path To Success 

If you feel a more structured approach is right for you, your Skillway sales coach will help you select coaching topics from our exclusive library of training content. This focused list will contain the topics that are most likely to have an impact on your business.

During every sales coaching call, you’ll talk about good news and business updates with your coach, then go over your numbers to ensure you’re on track to reaching your goals. Then, you’ll dive deep into the topic at hand.

Every Skillway coaching program is structured around the three E’s (Expertise, Efficiency, and Enthusiasm), so your coach will plan topics to improve your skills and attitude in all three areas. For example, one call may focus on a time management topic, while the next call focuses on asking better questions during your needs analysis. The following call may be to fine-tune your sales presentation structure or work on creating your personal vision.

Some topics require multiple sessions to cover deeply. While implementing what you learn into your business, your coach will help you overcome challenges and identify opportunities as they arise.

Because your coach is following a strategy that ensures every topic will directly impact your success, you know that you can “trust the process” and achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the coaching program.

2. Flexible Strategies For Success

Many salespeople and sales leaders prefer to spend more time with their coach to discuss strategies and explore ideas about their business. 

For instance, you might want to talk about your prospecting list on a quarterly or monthly basis—who’s on it, how you’re opening doors, and how to tackle specific objections. Or, you might bring a sales presentation to every session and discuss your proposal strategies with your coach to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Many coaching clients simply bring their business challenges to the table for every coaching session. For example, one Skillway client was recruiting new salespeople for her team and worked with her coach to determine the best hiring strategy. The impartial perspective of her sales coach helped her evaluate candidates and find the right salespeople for her business.

Often, there’s a relevant Skillway coaching topic that applies to the problem. Other times, your sales coach draws on years of sales expertise and business knowledge to help you find the right path to success. 

Find The Fit For You

Do you prefer more structure, or do you prefer something more open-ended? At Skillway, we’ve had equal success with both types of coaching clients. By setting clear goals at the beginning of every sales coaching program, we make sure the focus is on results—no matter what path we take to get there.

Think you’re ready to start a coaching program? We’ll customize a plan to your individual needs so you can CRUSH your sales goals and love what you do. Contact us today to schedule your free jump-start coaching session.

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