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Why Hire a Sales Coach?

Here’s why many top performers and sales champions think of sales coaches as a secret weapon.

We’d all like to be better and to have more. But what do you want to be better at—and what do you want more of?

As salespeople, we may just want to be better at closing, have more revenue, and CRUSH last year’s goals. But just as many salespeople want better relationships, to be better leaders, and to have more time in their day.

Unfortunately, coming up with a plan to pursue our goals can be difficult—or impossible—to do on our own. That’s why many leaders and top producers hire a sales coach to help them push past plateaus, unlock their potential, and take control over their careers.

An individual, one-on-one sales coach gives you key benefits that are hard to get from anyone else. These include: 

  • Structure
  • Knowledge
  • Honest Feedback
  • Insight & Perspective
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a personal sales coach and how they can become your secret weapon for success in sales.


A one-on-one sales coach is an expert at reverse engineering your goals. They’ll help you define what true success looks like for you—whether it’s making more money, making a move to a better career, or spending more time with your family. Then, you and your sales coach will design a strategy to get you there. With this structure and regular check-ins, you’ll be able to stay focused on your target.


The ideal sales coach is a sales expert with real-world experience. They’ll use this expertise and their resources to teach you new approaches to sales, leadership, communication, and time management. Because most sales coaches work with a wide variety of clients, they’ll know what works—and what doesn’t—and can bring fresh ideas to the table. And if your coach works across multiple industries and regions, they’ll bring an even broader level of best practices and ideas to the table.

Honest Feedback

If you’re a top performer, your manager may be more hands-off—they don’t want to fix what isn’t broken. But that won’t help you get to the next level. As salespeople, sometimes we need a wake-up call or some tough love to push us further. A sales coach is independent, so they only have your best interests in mind—and they’ll tell you the hard truths you need to hear.

Insight & Perspective

As an independent party, your sales coach can often see big picture ideas more easily. Having an outside perspective on your career and sales habits can be invaluable. Clients often bounce ideas off their sales coach, testing out new techniques or practicing sales scripts. Your sales coach might listen to your challenge and suggest a new approach you’ve never considered!


A sales coach can be a tough critic when you need it, but they’re also your biggest cheerleader. From little milestones to big wins, clients often call their coaches just to celebrate. Your sales coach should really be a partner who makes your goals their top priority. Along the way, they’ll remind you what you’re working towards and help you develop positive attitude skills—so you can stay motivated and overcome any obstacle.


Your coaching program can’t be successful without accountability. The best sales coaches combine goal setting, structure, motivation, and honest feedback to keep you accountable, while teaching you strategies for self-responsibility. Your sales coach should also have a well-designed system in place to monitor your progress. When your coach sees themselves as a partner in your success, they’ll do everything they can to keep you on track to crushing your goals. 

A Partner In Your Success

The biggest benefit of sales coaching is having a partner you can count on. No one else in your life can provide the same combination of independence, sales expertise, and commitment to your goals.

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