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The Key Ingredient to Successful Sales Training

Have you spent time and money on training for your sales team, but found it doesn’t stick

If you’re a sales manager, you’ve probably seen it happen more than once. You gather your team together on Friday afternoon for a special sales training event. Someone gets up in front of your salespeople and fires them up for a few hours. Your team leaves the room inspired and ready to tackle next week like never before.

Then Monday morning rolls around. They come back to their desk, stick the training guide in a drawer, and you never hear or speak of it again. You realize you’ve just wasted $10,000 for a sales training event that only motivated your team for the rest of the afternoon.

The ideas all seemed right, but nobody knows what to do with the training. What was it missing? Accountability, the key ingredient!

  1. How to implement the training, and
  2. How to hold your team accountable to it.

Implement: Plan For Accountability

Salespeople are great at following systems—unless the system is “figure out how to implement this on your own.” As a sales manager or sales executive, you have to create accountability to ensure your training plan lasts longer than an afternoon.

For example, let’s say you’re training your team to improve time management skills. Step one is creating the plan.

To help them manage their time better, you identify their key income-producing activities. You reverse engineer their goals and help them identify how many meetings they have to hold, how many proposals they have to create, and how many follow-ups they have to make in one week.

You have to then implement your plan over time—and hold your team accountable:

Team Goal, Week 1: Map out what your ‘ideal week’ looks like

  • Accountability Step: Show your ‘ideal week’ to the Sales Manager.

Team Goal, Week 2: Track distractions

  • Accountability Step: Share your list of distractions with the team.

Team Goal, Week 3: Eliminate the distractions we’ve identified

  • Accountability Step: Turn in your plan for eliminating distractions to the Sales Manager.

Accountability Makes Sales Training Stick

When your sales team training event is up against years of bad habits, one afternoon of getting your team fired up isn’t going to make a lasting change.

Learning a new sales strategy is like learning any new skill—it requires repetition and habit-forming to become permanent. Whether your sales team needs training on prospecting, building sales pipelines, time management, or improving attitude and enthusiasm, you need a plan for the weeks and months after a training session.

For every sales training event or workshop that Skillway holds, we develop an action plan describing how to implement the training with your sales team. We’ll detail the accountability steps you need to take to ensure ongoing success—and real results. 

Fire up your team with Skillway

Skillway partners with sales managers and executives to develop training manuals, fine-tune sales processes, and establish training tools to unlock your sales team’s potential.

We don’t just educate—we motivate. Our sales training solutions are tailored for the unique challenges of relationship-based selling and customized for your sales department’s specific goals.

If you’re ready to help your team develop the skills and attitude they need to CRUSH their sales goals, reach out to Skillway today.