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Customizing Your Group Sales Training

A Skillway Sales Group Training Session

Is your sales training one-size-fits-all? 

Turn-key sales training options are everywhere. If you’re a sales manager, you’ve probably used some—and you’ve probably seen how your salespeople “check out” during the training, struggle to implement the methods, and ultimately abandon the program and go back to doing what they’ve always done.

Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all group training just doesn’t work well for most sales teams. For a turn-key, generic sales training program to succeed, you and your sales team have to:

  • Translate terms into the language you use
  • Modify program tactics to fit your company’s sales process
  • Reinterpret or discard approaches that don’t work for your product or service
  • Identify how the program is best implemented to meet your sales goals
  • Adapt the program to fit your producers’ individual selling style
  • Figure out how to hold yourselves accountable to the training

That’s a lot of work—and if you’re doing it all, what exactly are you paying for?

Customize Your Group Training From The Start

Skillway’s team sales coaching programs are customized from the ground up for every client, and there’s a good reason. One-size-fits-all training solutions fit everyone poorly. Sales managers and salespeople are busy enough and rarely have the time or energy to successfully translate and implement a generic group training program.

Custom training doesn’t always mean starting from scratch! For example, when designing sales training programs, Skillway coaches draw from an extensive library of sales topics, covering everything from leadership skills to closing techniques. (A consultant’s sales training expertise and research are crucial in selecting the topics that will be most effective for your business.) If your business has an especially unique need, Skillway writes a new topic.

Match Your Sales Training’s Language To Your Business

After topics are chosen, it’s important to make sure the training is easy to understand and implement. 

Have you ever heard an example used in sales training and struggled to imagine how it even remotely relates to your business?

It’s great to learn lessons from different industries—it may give your team a new perspective or fresh idea that hadn’t been considered. But every industry has unique products, services, and lingo. Training can be hard to translate when it uses language foreign to your business.

Skillway coaches make sure their group training programs are fully translated for each client’s business. By using the terms your team uses, and examples that directly apply to your industry, the training program is not only easier to understand—it’s easier to put into practice.

Case Study: Team Sales Coaching For LOAN Officers

Prospecting is a skill that every salesperson needs to do—but it can look vastly different depending on which industry you’re looking at. Who you need to prospect, and how, is very specific to your business.

Skillway recently developed a customized group training program for loan officers called “Growing Referral Relationships: Mortgage Edition.” Loan officers need to prospect realtors to maintain a full pipeline of referrals, but in many cases, they have no system or process to consistently build these relationships.

Skillway built the 12-week course to follow a one-year prospecting calendar with language and situations specific to the mortgage loan industry. Then, they take sales teams through the hands-on, real-world process of winning new referral partners, showing loan officers how to bring value into their realtor relationships. 

As a result of this highly customized training process, loan officers who complete the program land new referral partners, new leads, and closed deals—just from the training! This kind of immediate success is the best way to make sales training stick, and it would be impossible with a generic training program.

Custom Team Coaching For Real Results

In a recent “Growing Referral Relationships” course, a team of 12 loan officers received 81 leads and closed 12 new loans—in only twelve weeks! This activity all came from 32 new realtor relationships. Think of the immediate and long-term ROI your team could get with 32 new referral partners sending you business! Skillway has designed similar custom group training programs for other industries, from insurance to software. Each is fine-tuned to meet specific needs and uses the language and situations unique to the client.

Is your sales organization facing a challenge? Tired of one-size-fits-all sales training that doesn’t work? Contact Skillway to discover how a custom group coaching solution can help your sales team CRUSH their sales goals and love what they do!