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Why Your Sales Team Needs Custom Coaching

Is traditional sales training worth the time and money—or does it fall on deaf ears?

There are hundreds of traditional sales training programs out there. If you’re a sales manager, you’re familiar with the big names like Miller-Heiman, Challenger, or Sandler—and the sea of acronyms including SPIN, SNAP, and NEAT. You’ve probably even used a few of these training programs with your team.

So, did your sales training program stick?

If your sales department is like most, you ended up with a few 3-ring binders and best-selling books gathering dust on your shelves while your sales team went back to selling the way they’ve always done it.

Do Out-Of-The-Box Solutions Work?

Traditional sales programs are “out-of-the-box” solutions. They’re not all the same, but they all share the same assumption—that a single sales methodology can be applied to every business. Their system is supposed to work, no matter what you’re selling!

Even if a sales training program is based on a great book by a top sales expert, it’s still up to you (and your salespeople) to translate, adapt, and implement that methodology to your business. The person leading your training has a script to stick to, and usually won’t ask many questions beyond how many copies of the program you’d like to order.

You’ll be left to pick and choose which parts of the training program apply to your business and figure out how to implement them yourself. Wading through all that information—and coming up with what’s missing—is a lot of extra work for your sales department.

We’ve often found that when a sales team says they’re using a “big-name” sales methodology, only small parts of it have actually been put into practice! It’s either too much work to implement, or the training program didn’t really apply to their business.

Is an out-of-the-box training program worth the cost if you barely use it?

Why Don’t Salespeople “Buy-In” To Sales Training?

The greatest struggle with traditional sales training is getting your sales team to buy in.

Your sales operation has its own vocabulary and its own sales process. Your customers, your product, your industry, and your company have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. 

There is simply no standard, generic sales methodology that works for every business!

So, when you assemble your team for sales training, and a sales trainer starts using unfamiliar scenarios, language you don’t use, and methods that don’t apply to your business, it’s no wonder that your salespeople stop listening.

They’re wondering, “Why am I here? This person knows nothing about our business. What’s the point?” And they check out.

After your sales training session, the materials end up in the bottom of a desk drawer, and the expensive, one-size-fits-all training program is ignored and forgotten.

Every Team Needs A Coach!

On any sports team, a coach is responsible for understanding the game, knowing the athletes’ abilities, and helping them improve. They implement the right strategies to overcome obstacles and keep their team motivated. Even the best, top-performing athletes would agree—a coach is a crucial component to any team’s success!

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in sports, and it doesn’t work for sales training. At Skillway, we’ve found sales team training that follows the coaching model is more effective—understanding your business, knowing your salespeople’s abilities, and finding the unique strategy your team needs to meet its goals. The results are real because custom sales coaching delivers a training program that your sales team can actually relate to.

Custom Sales Coaching: A Better Solution

Customized sales team coaching is fundamentally different from traditional sales training programs. Unlike cookie-cutter solutions, a custom group coaching program is tailor-made to the unique requirements of your business.

Skillway’s approach starts with an in-depth look at your sales process and the methodologies your sales team uses. Skillway sales coaches shadow your team, going with them on sales calls and sitting in on client conversations.

Thanks to this process, the Skillway coach leading your training event knows the language you use, the challenges you face, and the opportunities your sales team can capitalize on. The training plan is specific to your business, so it’s ready to use immediately—your salespeople won’t have to sift through generic information that no one knows how to apply.

Traditional sales training often feels forced or foreign, but custom sales team coaching is intentionally designed to be a natural fit. With relatable examples, familiar terms, and methods tuned to your sales operation, custom group coaching is much more likely to energize, motivate, and educate your team.

Simply put, a custom program is easier for your salespeople to understand, accept, and implement.

Are you looking for a sales training program that won’t end up gathering dust on the shelf? Reach out to learn more about Skillway’s custom sales coaching solutions!

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