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How consistent are your sales team’s presentations?

Your customers might not be hearing the best version of your sales presentation. Here’s how to fix it.

Is one salesperson on your sales team outperforming all the others? Or, are you a business owner who always seems to put up better sales numbers than the team you’ve hired?

The experience and talent of individual producers on a sales team can vary. But if your team has people who always seem to lag behind while a few others excel, there’s a problem.

It’s easy to assume that your sales team is giving customers the same sales presentation across the board. The truth is, your customers might be getting wildly different presentations—and it will show up in your bottom line. To discover what’s really going on, sometimes it takes a sales consultant partner who digs deep, forms a plan, and helps you implement a new strategy.

Here’s a case study on how strategic consulting—and a consistent sales presentation—can transform a sales operation virtually overnight.

When The Business Owner Is The Best Salesperson

Jeff owns his own company—and he’s also the number one salesperson. As his company grew, he got tired of selling. He wanted to pass the baton to his salespeople so he could focus on running the business. He hired one sales rep after another, but his sales team just wasn’t performing well enough for him to stop selling.

Jeff realized his sales operation needed an outside perspective with experience in sales team coaching and strategic consulting. He brought in Skillway.

Jeff’s sales presentation was a tour through company headquarters, including multiple showrooms that demonstrated the technical advantages and functionality of his products. Jeff and his six salespeople each give Skillway the tour—and we found that all seven sales presentations were completely different. Jeff’s was the best.

Finding What Works

Skillway took Jeff’s presentation and turned it into a detailed script, with pages for each of the showrooms, then set to work ensuring the sales team was trained on the new, standardized presentation. To make sure salespeople had learned the script, they were tested—and retested—until they could present effectively and consistently.

To make it fun, the sales team held a competition: A company executive served as judge, and the top presenter won a $500 gift card. The winner put his new sales presentation skills to good use—he became the top salesperson on Jeff’s team!

Skillway also coached the sales team on building rapport, identifying customer needs, overcoming objections, and closing. With the new, consistent sales presentations and customized sales training, Jeff’s team doubled their revenue over the next four years—with the exact same salespeople. And the best news? Jeff hung up his salesperson hat and now focuses on running the business!

Consistency Is Key

Whether it’s a top producer crushing sales goals, or an owner who knows his products best, your best seller has a sales presentation that’s proven to work. A strategic sales consultant helps you adapt that presentation, standardize your approach, and implement game-changing solutions.

With a well-trained team, a consistent sales presentation helps everyone win!

Skillway trains, coaches, and consults for top-producing sales teams, executives, and individual salespeople nationwide. Our “3E” approach builds the Enthusiasm, Expertise, and Efficiency of your sales operation—and leads to real results.

Skillway’s experts work with executives and entrepreneurs to build customized strategies for success. Our coaches dive deep with your team, identifying problems, learning your strengths, and finding out what your sales force needs to grow.

We’ll create your sales management playbook—based on our research and your goals—and show you how to implement your new strategies for maximum impact. If you’re ready to unlock the potential of your sales operation, reach out to Skillway today.