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How Do I Pick A Sales Coach?

An experienced sales coach can unlock your potential—and take your business to the next level. But with so many choices, what should you be looking for?

If you’re in sales, you may already know that a one-on-one sales coach can help you overcome plateaus, learn new skills, and stay motivated. But how can you make sure you’re getting the best sales coach?

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from top producers to sales managers. Some had tried other sales coaching programs in the past, but they ended up quitting for a variety of reasons. For sales coaching to work, it’s crucial to do your homework—and avoid common mistakes when selecting a sales coach. 

If you’ve decided you need one-on-one sales coaching, here’s what you need to be looking for in a potential sales coach: 

  • A coach you feel comfortable with.
  • A partner who can keep you accountable.
  • A structured process.
  • Unlimited access.
  • A sales expert with proven success.

Find a coach you feel comfortable with 

First and foremost, it’s important to find a coach that you ‘gel’ with. You’ll let your sales coach in on your personal and professional life and confide private information to them—it’s critical that you feel comfortable being candid with them. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to overwhelm yourself with options and interview 25 different coaches. Meet with the potential sales coach. If you get along and your gut tells you it’s a fit, go for it!

Your coach should be a partner who can keep you accountable

You’re not hiring a coach just to have someone to talk to! Your sales coach needs to have the ability to keep you accountable. Without accountability, it’s difficult to develop the personal growth you’ll need to meet your goals and expectations.

Accountability is the key to progress in a sales coaching program. You’re likely hiring a sales coach to help you accomplish what you haven’t been able to do on your own, so a no-nonsense accountability partner is exactly what you need. Unfortunately, inexperienced sales coaches often leave accountability out of the equation, and won’t tell you the hard truths you may need to hear. 

You need a structured process

Not all sales coaches follow a structured program—but they should! Having a system of processes, lessons, and goal tracking ensures that you’re being kept accountable. It also enables your sales coach to map out a plan that you can follow between your regular one-on-ones.

A structured system shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter solution; sales coaching clients have a broad variety of goals! The best sales coaches draw on their experience and resources to custom-design a program that fits your needs and maps out a strategy for your success.

Unlimited access

Any one-on-one sales coach will set up a regular time for you to meet—but sales isn’t something you only do once a month or every other week! In your day-to-day, you may come up with a new question or need clarification on a new technique. You may want to change an approach that isn’t working or celebrate a big win.

If your sales coach doesn’t offer unlimited access, the wait until your next session can seem endless! Look for a sales coach who is available outside scheduled session times. They should always be accessible by text, email, or voicemail to celebrate an accomplishment, keep you accountable, or give you guidance when you’re facing an obstacle.

Is your coach a sales expert with proven success?

When you’re choosing a personal sales coach, make sure they have a proven track record. An experienced sales coach should have real-world, successful sales experience in their own career—and you’ll benefit the most from someone who has an “always learning” mindset.

However, sales coaching isn’t just about learning new sales techniques from a pro. A coach’s attitude, process, and knowledge need to be backed up with real results!

Your sales coach should have a record of success with past clients. You’re hiring a coach to transform your business, so make sure candidates have a history of helping sales professionals reach new heights.

CRUSH your sales goals and love what you do. 

Choosing a sales coach can be daunting. To really CRUSH your goals—and love what you do—you need a partner who ticks all the boxes. 

A Skillway one-on-one sales coach has the experience and resources to help you shatter records and break down obstacles. Your coach will analyze your sales process and work with you to develop a structured plan for success. Between your regular one-on-one coaching sessions, your coach is always available by phone, text, or email.

Skillway coaching solutions deliver real results. Our sales coaching clients do more than increase revenue and income—they improve work/life balance, take back control, and tackle new challenges head-on.

With Skillway, you’ll have a partner who understands the unique demands of Relationship Selling. Our expert sales coaches custom-design solutions using proven methods to take you to the next level. If you’re tired of quick fixes and want a long-term partner committed to your success, reach out today.

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