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Why Your Next Business Coach Should Be a Sales Coach

If you’re trying to grow your business, don’t you want a coach who specializes in revenue generation and day-to-day business success?

At Skillway, we like to stay in our lanes of sales coaching. Yet business owners commonly ask us about the difference between a business coach and a sales coach. The heart behind this question is often rooted in resource availability. If you only have the funds to hire one coach, which type should you choose?

If it comes down to picking one or the other, you’ll get more bang for your buck going with a sales coach. Why? Let’s dive in.

A Good Sales Coach Teaches More Than Just Sales Techniques

As a business owner, you want to grow both as a business leader and as a revenue generator. Wouldn’t it be ideal to work with a coach who can help you in both areas? We couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, many business coaches just focus on the personal development side but don’t help with revenue growth. We’ve even found that some business coaches struggle with selling their own services (and if that’s you, let’s talk!).

That’s why we believe the right sales coach will teach more than just sales and revenue generation techniques. They’ll also teach you and your team how to get better in your day-to-day roles. Because of the level of expertise and content we provide at Skillway, our sales coaches specialize in a variety of key business areas beyond sales execution, including:

  • Time management learning how to prioritize and plan ahead, manage your to-do’s, and maximize your time each week
  • Strategy – creating a winning sales strategy and a healthy organizational mission, vision, and culture
  • Delegation – identifying how to assign key tasks to others and empower your team to succeed
  • Leadership motivating your team and keeping them accountable, managing their sales numbers, and shadowing your employees well
  • Attitude training your whole team to become forward thinkers—focused on revenue generation in everything they do

Key Roles That Benefit From a Sales Coach (Besides Salespeople)

Sure, an experienced sales coach can help your sales team excel at every step in the sales cycle. But a quality sales coach can also make a positive impact on other critical roles within your organization, including:

Business Owners

Though you’re running a business, you may end up serving as the primary salesperson for your company, too. Many small businesses, like marketing firms, keynote speakers, and independent consultants, practice what we call the “seller-doer model,” where the business owner sells their services and then does the actual work. It’s common for business owners to start running their business without realizing that they have to then go out and win their own business, too. Our sales coaching can help business owners do both successfully.

Account Managers

A sales coach can help account managers and inside sales representatives excel at cross-selling when opportunities arise. These roles consistently chat with customers, so it makes sense that they can benefit from working with our sales coaches. By recognizing the right conversational triggers, account managers can easily sell additional services to their customers or create an efficient process to connect the customer back to the sales rep as needed.

Customer Service Representatives

Your customer service department is having daily conversations with your customers. When armed with the right questions, customer service reps can uncover new customer needs you likely don’t even know about. Just think about it—if you sell multiple services, your customer service representatives will be key to identifying customers who only use one of your services. A customer service rep at an insurance company could easily ask customers with only one policy some intentional questions to uncover potential needs for additional policies, for example. Sales coaching can help your customer service staff learn excellent customer service skills, including identifying cross-selling opportunities.

Sales Managers

Many sales managers are great salespeople promoted from within, which means they can get the role with little management experience. They often end up mimicking the processes and management style of their former sales manager. Or even worse,  they just wing it. This is never a good situation, as your sales manager fills the critical role of keeping your salespeople happy. However, with our coaching, your sales manager can go from wondering how to do their jobs to having the tools they need to lead effectively, including:

  • Managing different personalities
  • Motivating your sales team
  • Keeping others accountable
  • Teaching various sales skills

Find Your Next Business Coach at Skillway

If you’re on the lookout for your next business coach and trying to increase sales, going with a sales coach is the better choice, hands-down. Not only will you have access to more well-rounded expertise, but you’ll also be able to utilize your sales coach for a variety of roles on your team.

If you’re ready for a coach who can help your team CRUSH revenue growth and day-to-day business success, we’d love to help! Contact us today to learn more about our FREE jumpstart coaching session and see if sales coaching is right for you.