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Donna Conner

Skillway Sales Coach

a.k.a. “Dee” 

When a salesperson realizes that they’re capable of making their dreams a reality, it’s a great feeling—for them and their coach! For Donna, there’s nothing better than that lightbulb moment.

In fact, Donna’s proudest moments in her career are the times she’s been able to help salespeople realize exactly what their goals are—and how to achieve them. Seeing that spark of motivation change lives is what inspired her to join Skillway as a sales coach.

Donna started her sales career in the finance industry as a bilingual banker. Her natural talent for establishing valuable, long-term relationships with clients didn’t go unnoticed—she was quickly promoted into a Capitol One pilot program that changed the way banks service high-value customers.

Donna had an early interest in healthcare—she worked for a cardiologist in high school and trained as a phlebotomist and medical assistant her senior year. She even sat for her state board exam and graduated the same week! With her experience and relationship-building skills, medical sales was a perfect fit. As a manager and supervisor for companies selling durable medical products, she was tasked with training and motivating her teams while navigating the complex regulatory environment of the healthcare industry.

Donna loves how Skillway’s sales coaching program combines structure with flexibility. She’s excited to identify what’s truly important to her client, then customize a plan for their success—and she’s looking forward to seeing more of those lightbulb moments!

More about Donna:

Donna grew up in Oklahoma, and attended Langston University before moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. After her recent move to Nashville, she’s enjoyed finding new places to hike and is looking forward to exploring more of the city. Donna also loves painting in her free time. Her next travel goal: island-hopping in the Caribbean during Carnival!

Fun Fact:

Donna has been bilingual from an early age. She’s a native English speaker, but thanks to an immersive elementary school, she actually learned to read and write in Spanish first. She’s even received special training in financial and medical Spanish so she could put it to use in her sales career!

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