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About Skillway

Your partner on the path to sales success.

Top-selling producers and sales teams need real results.

But to really crush your goals—and love what you do—you need a partner who digs deep.

Skillway is a sales education company that coaches, trains, and consults  salespeople, sales leaders, and organizations. With Skillway, you’ll have a partner who understands the unique demands of Relationship Selling. Our sales experts custom-design solutions with proven methods to take you to the next level.

Our Story

Skillway founder Dew Tinnin has devoted her entire career to relationship-based sales and sales training. 

Over years of sales coaching and management, she’s found that many teams and organizations need custom, in-depth solutions to break through barriers. Seeing an opportunity to take sales coaching to the next level, Dew and her husband Shane formed Skillway in 2017.

Shane and Dew have always been deeply involved in each others’ careers—their polar-opposite DiSC® styles actually make them perfect complements! Skillway’s approach to coaching is based on Dew’s extensive expertise in sales and motivational coaching, combined with Shane’s background in consulting, operations, and analytics.


We practice what we teach! Skillway’s values guide our approach to sales education.


We Provide Premium Solutions

The best clients deserve world-class, tailor-made products and services.


We Build Enduring Relationships

Personal, long-term connections are more valuable than short-term profits.


We Spread Positivity

We will energize, engage, and inspire others by choosing to have a positive attitude.


We Learn Every Day

By constantly educating ourselves and each other, we can better educate others.


We Spend Time & Money Wisely

We budget time and money with purpose, on purpose.


We Respect Diverse Voices

Differences in ideas, experiences, and personality styles make us stronger.


We Embody Abundance

We have a profound belief that there is enough for everyone.


Skillway Head Coach & CEO
Skillway Consultant & COO

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What They're Saying

“I have worked with the owners of Skillway since 2012. The partnership has been amazing! This group cares about their clients, and they are committed to solving problems and delivering results. The energy and accountability that they bring cannot be matched!”

Telecom Solutions, LLC

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Exceed expectations. Crush goals. Love what you do. Skillway will customize the perfect solution to unlock your sales potential.

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